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Homeless Services
The City of Artesia works with several agencies to provide outreach services to homeless individuals in the community and get them safely off the street.  The City’s homelessness partner agencies provide outreach and crisis response services which are deployed by using Other important services available include food assistance, mental health assistance, and assistance for their pet. These organizations can be contacted directly to provide help to those in need.  Click on the link below for a list of resources available.
Homeless Resources Page

As Southern California grows, encounters with coyotes are becoming increasingly common. In the past, coyotes would typically be found only in more mountainous or rural areas of the region, but their ability to adapt to new environments and the plentiful food found in urban and suburban Southern California has led to coyote sightings all across the region, including in Artesia.  Coyotes are a valuable member of local ecosystems, helping to control rodent populations. While coyotes naturally are afraid of humans, they can quickly become used to us, leading them to stay in our communities more often. Easy sources of food and water make it easier for them to live in cities like Artesia, and this can lead to problems in our community.  While attacks on humans are very rare, adapted coyotes may pose risks to small children and small pets. For these reasons, it is important for Artesians to be vigilant, and to take steps to deter coyotes and keep them from staying in the community.  

Visit here to report a coyote sighting and for helpful tips on how to deter them.

Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) - SoCalGas is contributing $10 million in shareholder funding to help thousands of newly eligible customers with bill assistance and to bolster community resources for those who may be struggling financially. Read more: Click here for the press release.

Click here for information to SCE's Local Planning Department, which offers assistance for requests for power service (upgrades or new service).

The County of Los Angeles Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) - is offering grants to microbusinesses. Grant amounts start at $2,500.  Microbusinesses with less than $50,000 in annual gross revenue are eligible to apply.  Visit for more information.

Artesia Chamber of Commerce - For questions regarding the services offered by the Artesia Chamber of Commerce write to: For more information visit

The South Coast Air Quality Management District – South Coast AQMD is offering LA County residents the opportunity to purchase a new cordless, electric lawn mower, for a rebate. The Electric Lawn Mower Rebate Program is offered on a first-come, first-served basis.  The program will continue until all funds are exhausted. Visit for more information, including eligible purchases.  E-mail or call 888-425-6247 with any questions.  Video overview: